Urban Design Studio I: Graduate School of Architecture Planning and Preservation, Columbia University

Every Monday for the first hour of studio, we will discuss readings, exhibitions or short lectures pertinent to your design process. These sessions will split the studio into five small groups and are an opportunity to reflect on your studio work and develop your own attitude towards urban design. You are expected to participate in each discussion and prepare a postcard-size response to the week’s theme ahead of the discussion.

Suggested Readings for Assignment I: Sennett, Richard. “Resistance and Ambiguity.” The Craftsman. New Haven and London: Yale University Press, 2008.

Assignment I: 55 Sites map

Seminar 1: Defining Site
Mon, June 12
Kahn, Andrea. “Defining Urban Sites,” in Carol J. Burns and Andrea Kahn, eds. Site Matters (New York: Routledge, 2005)
Corner, James, “The Agency of Mapping: Speculation, Critique and Invention,” in Mappings, Cosgrove, Dennis, ed. (Reaktion Books: 1999)

Seminar 2: Mobility
Mon, June 19
Kelly Shannon and Marcel Smets, “Shaping Mobility Through Infrastructure” in The Landscape of Contemporary Infrastructure (nai Publishers, 2010)

Seminar 3: Urban Systems
Mon, June 26
For this seminar, we will read projects. Each student will select a case study to present to the seminar group. Case studies should investigate their assigned system in your home country/city and be presented on one 11×17 sheet.

Seminar 4: Resilience
Monday, July 3
Eric Klinenberg, “Adaptation: How can cities be climate-proofed?” in New Yorker, January 2013

Seminar 5: Affordable Housing
Mon, July 10
Matthew Lasner, “Affordability Toolbox” in Housing Brass Tacks, (Urban Omnibus, 2017)

Seminar 6: Design Strategies
Monday, July 17
Els Verbakel. “The Architecture of Urban Design” in Constellations: Constructing an Urban Design Practice (GSAPP, 2007)

Seminar 7: Agency
Monday July 24
Kate Orff, “Engage” in Towards an Urban Ecology (Monacelli Press, 2016)

Seminar 8: Argument
Monday July 31
In this final seminar, you will prepare a brief description and one image of your final project and present it to your seminar group.