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Site Profile: Long Island City

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Long Island City is the westernmost neighborhood in the borough of Queens.  It sits on the East river directly across from midtown Manhattan.  To the South of LIC is Brooklyn across the Pulaski bridge spanning the Superfund site Newtown Creek.   To its North is Astoria Queens.

Long Island City has undergone a variety of transformations since it’s inception from pastoral farm lands to a long stint as a manufacturing center and most recently a re-zoning to become a very dense waterfront residential development.   New large scale developments from Hunter’s Point South going north to Anable Basin have created a tension between the new and old, from the carte blanch to the rehabilitation of industrial properties.

Our studio will focus on the areas around Newtown Creek and Anable Basin waterfront developments.  We will look at planned and existing development strategies along the water that have been implemented and analyze their relationships to the city as a whole as well as their relationships to  the rest of the Long Island City neighborhood.

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