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The 6th Borough

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The 2017 5 Borough Studio is about to kick off. This year, we will turn our attention to the relationship of the five boroughs with the space that connects them all – the water. New York is a city surrounded by water with 520 miles of waterfront. Water constitutes both a threat and an opportunity in the 21st century: Climate change and its associated risks for rising sea levels and frequent storm surges threaten to submerge parts of the city; our industrial past has left many scars and pollutants along the coast and in the water. At the same time, water is a connective medium between the 5 boroughs with a renewed attention to transportation on the water and multiple uses at the waters edge. Inspired by the newly launched NYC Ferry Service, we will look at the water surrounding New York City as an urban space and a catalyst for urban design in the neighborhoods connecting to it.












Bird’s Eye View of New York and Brooklyn, 1892