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Sluseholmen, Copenhagen

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Boligområde på Sluseholmen

Project Name: Sluseholmen Canal District
Project Architects: Arkitema & Sjoerd Soeters + 20 Danish Architects
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Size: 1,350 apartments on Eight Artificial Islands
Uploaded by: Andrew Hite

A housing development built on 8 artificial islands, which are separated by man-made canals. This is a newly constructed district on the Sluseholmen peninsula in the South Harbor of Copenhagen, which had previously accommodated heavy industry.  The Port of Copenhagen and the City of Copenhagen instigated the project. Water is the main focal point of this development as every one of the buildings attempt to relate themselves into the context of the canal.

Built on 8 man-made islands, each “island’s ” overall volume and orientation was executed by Arkitema & Sjoerd Soeter. The volumes orient themselves on the perimeter of each island, creating a courtyard space in the center. The volumes were then broken up into small and large townhouses, of varying heights, and in an attempt to create a varied streetscape; 20 different Danish architecture firms designed the facades of the townhouses.  The goal of this was also to find inspiration in the contextual vernacular of the surrounding city.

Each courtyard is created as a shared neighborhood green refuge. Residents can organize this common space in a myriad of ways, including space for a community pool of small private vegetable gardens.  Under each courtyard is space for parking for the residents. Each island houses different commercial and residential functions that totals up to 38,000 square meters of space. A previously existing boat club was included in the overall design of the area as well.

The creation of the canals between the islands creates a dialogue between water and land what can be categorized as public and private. This is also seen in the creation of the central courtyards. A new green roofed school with an integrated dockyard, sports center and community café is being built nearby to satisfy the numerous needs of the residents.

The newly developed district is connected to the main part of Copenhagen with the newly constructed Teglværksbroen Bridge.  This now allows the Route 901/902 bus line to enter the area and connect with the Copenhagen Metro and the Copenhagen Central Station.

Most of the apartments of this development is kept affordable through different types of subsidies and programs brought forth by the City of Copenhagen.
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