Urban Ecotone

Staten Island / South Beach
Elango Gvindan, SeJin Jo, Paul Nelson

The bluebelt system in Staten Island is unique to this borough, providing an opportunity for transformative urban design. We have specifically focused on new creek, its wetlands and surrounding watershed. This freshwater wetland, fed by spring water and surface runoff from surrounding development, is unique because it is one of few palustrine emergent wetlands remaining in New York City. The existing neighborhood fabric is fragmented, describing a sharp edge between wetland and neighborhood, resulting in negligence and encroachment of natural systems. We are using the new creek bluebelt for more than stormwater management, through the design of an urban ecotone that benefits both the neighboring community and natural ecosystem. This solution will address public access, new policy, zoning, and building typology through the rethinking of new creek’s bluebelt boundary.

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