Claiming Highway

Manhattan / East Harlem
Minyoung Kim / Wassim Shaaban / Johannes Pointl / Zetong Jiao

The objective of this proposal is to create a healthier environment that will nourish an active and communal lifestyle for the residents of East Harlem. This will be done by reorganizing and re-prioritizing the hierarchies of the existing transportation sysem, which is one of the leading causes of poor health – such as high occurrences of asthma – on site.

By doing so we are able to significantly reduce air pollution in East Harlem, and create tree opportunities that will 1) help revitalize and rethink the car dominant waterfront (FDR Drive), 2 connect the community to their waterfront, and 3) provide an easier and more direct connection to Randall’s Island. We propose both soft and hard interventions that speak to the existing urban fabric and its materiality and create physical and programmatic community links that are derived from their own needs.


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