Urban Design Studio III

Three Ecologies


Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation
A6851 Urban Design Studio III Spring 2011
Critics: Richard Plunz, Director
Michael Conard, Alberto Foyo, Petra Kempf, Geeta Mehta, Shue Tshen, Faculty Critics


The subject of this studio is a dialogue between Kharkov, Ukraine; Gulin, PR China; and Accra Ghana. It will contrast three urban agglomerations within the differing geographic, economic and cultural contexts of Europe, Asia and Africa. All are old cultural centers that are entering new phases of redevelopment related in part to cultural heritage. All are entering significant new periods of economic development, with sharply contrasting circumstances. For all cities, study will focus on carefully chose particular fragments within the overall redevelopment contexts.


Sponsors and Collaborators:

For Kharkov, principal sponsors and collaborators include: the Kharkov Regional Administration; the Department of Urbanism and Architecture and Chief Architect of Kharkov; The Kharkov State Technical University of Construction and Architecture; and the Roddom Institute.

For Gulin, principal collaboration and support includes the Gulin County Central Communist Party (the most important governance entity) and The Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing. It is anticipated that our activity will also be coordinated with the Columbia University Global Center Initiatives in Beijing.

For Accra, principal collaboration and support includes: the AMA (Accra Metropolitan Assembly); GAMADA (Ga Mashie Development Agency); University of Ghana at Legon; NGOs such as CHF and ‘Housing for the Masses;’ individual local assemblymen, and local community groups. The direct studio resource is the Millennium Cities Initiative at Columbia University’s Earth Institute.

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