URBAN DESIGN STUDIO II: The Regional Studio Columbia Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation


Stream|Line [2011]

Waste and cities are among the most tangible physical evidence of the impact of humans on the Earth. The fundamental challenge of the studio was the measurable and substantiated utilization of the complex dynamics of waste and the waste stream as they relate to project site and program. The sites under investigation were along two of the transit lines identified in the New York Connecticut Partnership for Sustainable Communities, a project funded by the Departments of Housing and Urban Development, Department of Transportation, and Environmental Protection Agency and was conducted in collaboration with NY/CT Regional Plan Association. The studio sites and investigations span across a spectrum from natural and rural landscapes to suburban and urban conditions, and the various types of patterns and infrastructures associated with each context. Focused research were combined with the creative design processes that involve understanding the advancing technologies, practices, and choices about the physical, programmatic and operational makeup of urban and regional sites, systems, spaces, and models.

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