URBAN DESIGN STUDIO II: The Regional Studio Columbia Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation

[4]Group12 – InBetween Boxes

In-between Box(es)
is a series of resilient infrastructural and typological modifications in-between the cycle of
consumption and the material recovery effort in the urban consumer environment.

Habitually empty trucks and consumer vehicles will be equipped and incentivized to
backhaul recoverable material from the neighborhood bodegas of Bushwick to the parking
lots of the budding ‘Big Box’ phenomenon in Red Hook. Sucked from the parking lot to
the waters edge, post-consumer material can be easily moved by barge to processing
and reuse effectively forming a physical and psychological link between consuming and

This systemic approach also anticipates changes in consumer behavior that aim to re-
establish local consumption as the most cost efficient and convenient choice; the ‘Big Box’
model is temporary. As a result, the dynamic in-between residential (box), retail ‘Big Box’
and distribution ‘Bigger Box’ will shift from commercial centers pulling consumer vehicles
from every direction, to a more cohesive system of shared urban distribution centers
sending consolidated deliveries to neighborhood pick-up sites (delis/bodegas).

Over time ‘Big Box’ centers will transform to accommodate the big programs of a new
community (schools, hospitals, offices, etc.); waterfront surface parking will be ripe for
housing and corner stores, and the fabric of the city will claim ‘Big Box’ developments for
a new dense urban waterfront population in place.

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