URBAN DESIGN STUDIO II: The Regional Studio Columbia Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation

[4]Group10 – Eat Sh*t

To improve the rural-urban nutrient cycling of food and sludge produced in New York state and New York City, the concept of Eat/Sh*t aims to strengthen the regional agricultural and municipal waste management networks within country and city. Through 4 intertwined strategies, we intend to amplify the supply of agricultural products and bio-solids (from eating and sh*ting).

These strategies include:
1. localizing food supply
2. decentralizing food distribution
3. waste-to-resource
4. research and remediation

The deeply-seated relationship between the processes of agriculture and waste are integral to the supply of one another. The exchange of bio-solids for agricultural products reexamines the implicit relationships between country and city, and magnifies the potential of “waste” to be a vital economic, social and ecological catalyst.

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