URBAN DESIGN STUDIO II: The Regional Studio Columbia Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation

[4]Group05 – WE toolbox

There are areas in every city that are left behind or sacri ced as the regional momentum of change pulls the current activity to another area. What happens to the human and spacial
resources left behind? Many of the members of these neighborhoods recognize this pontential and are trying hard to improve their neighborhood, but struggle to find the tools
and possible solutions that could help them.

WE provides a framework to help communities redirect their needs and concerns towards goals and methods that allow them to address these issues. The WE urban design advocacy program would be work with the community economy to not only identify possible solutions to their concerns, but also use the WE Design Toolbox to sort out the complex implementation process.

WE works process framework as seeds communities redirect that addresses community issues without waiting for large scale development/investment changes,

These interventions act to help for incremental change their under-utilized resources and allow for necessary adjustments. These seeds act as catalysts for the evolution of the neighborhood and city.

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